Vinaya Puppala, MD Gives Tips For Acute Pain Management

Vinaya Puppala, MD

Vinaya Puppala, MD, a double board certified anesthesiology pain specialist, suggests people treat acute pain before it becomes chronic. He specializes in interventional pain medicine along with anesthesiology. He is a Washington University alumni. He has the practice…



Dr Puppala

Vinaya Puppala, MD has specialization in anesthesiology, pain medicine and interventional pain medicine. He is the most sought-after anesthesiologist in Villa Rica, Georgia. He is a part of many path-breaking medical procedures. Dr Puppala plays a key role…

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Vinaya Puppala, MD – Your Ultimate Guide To Chronic Pain Management

vinaya puppala

People suffering from chronic pain know how it impacts every aspect of their life. How the pain ultimately takes over their entire body, leaving them feeling helpless. How they completely lose hope when there is no relief even…


Vinaya Puppala Never Gives Up

Dr Puppala

People often forget that doctors are after all humans and nobody wants to forgive a doctor, no matter what. Every person has his ups and downs in life. Everyone can behave nicely when the time is good. It…


Why Dr. Puppala Stands Out In a Crowd?

Vinaya Puppala

Vinaya Puppala practices as an anesthesiologist in Villa Rica, Georgia. In his medical career of over 10 years he has helped several patients to recover from mild to chronic pains. He specializes in pain medicine and his contribution…

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